Sam Chanse


  • Full Length
  • Drama

Amy is a marine biologist who studies coral and increasingly frequent bleaching events. Constance is the lone woman and person of color staffed on a TV show about animated anthropomorphized adventure-going sloths. Mac had a job she loved, but she left it a while ago for mysterious reasons she doesn’t care to talk about. And Lina, a fourth sister, is a powerhouse academic who seems to be disappearing into a toxic relationship.

Three sisters embark on intertwined journeys -- through a remote coral reef, through a writers room, through community exile, and through the absence of a fourth sister they hope they might somehow save. How do we keep going when something impossibly precious seems lost forever? is there hope for building resiliency, or for coming back after devastation?

Also, there are animated anthropomorphized sloths, who also go on a journey.