Across the Water

A dark comedy about family that investigates what happens when things, or people, are cast off to make life easier for others. Staten Island, the maligned "fifth borough," reveals its forgotten and marginalized history, from the discoveries of 16th-century explorer
Verrazzanno to the hardships of Willowbrook State School to the uncertainties of today.

Stephen O'Reilly & Christy Escobar. Set: Blanca Anon. Lights: Drew Florida. Costumes: Angela Harner.
Christy Escobar, Genevieve Angelson, Natalie Paul, Rafi Silver & Stephen O'Reilly
Stephen O'Reilly, Ben Mehl & Christy Escobar
Production and Development History

Workshop production at NYU, written for third-year graduating class. Directed by Scott Illingworth, starring Genevieve Angelson, Calvin Dutton, Aaron Costa Ganis, Christy Escobar, Ben Mehl, Stephen O'Reilly, Natalie Paul and Rafi Silver.