Apple Cove

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When newlyweds Edie and Alan King move into the gated community of Apple Cove, they trust they have found a safe haven from the chaotic world outside. But when lush and forbidden roses start popping up in their garden, they quickly learn that nothing, not even electric gates, can keep nature out. Especially one’s own nature.

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Cast Requirements

2 F, 3 M

Set Description

A house in a sunny, rule-regulated suburb.

Because the world of the play is heightened (though suburbs with manufactured environments do exist, see Celebration U.S.A.) the set must remain very real and grounded.


New York Magazine Editor's Pick


“The sun-splashed cast–including Smallville’s Allison Mack… and maestro of beta-male awkwardness Erin Gann…–makes Rosen’s zippy, pointy dialogue sing.” – New York Magazine

“A sweetly cracked parable—Rosen has a real gift for cockeyed humor.” – Time Out New York

“Playwright Lynn Rosen's winsome twist on the classic tale, an exuberant new comedy...Whether you think the creation of mankind was divine or amoebic, Rosen’s absurdist vision of a world gone security-mad in a vain effort to regulate human nature – and Mother Nature – is an hour and a half of witty fun.” – Associated Press

“Decidedly worth every off-Broadway dollar spent. The acting is superb. The storytelling is timely. It is the kind of theater that leaves you talking about it.” – WCBS Radio

"Betty Friedan meets Christopher Durang in Lynn Rosen's absurdist comedy Apple Cove." - Theatremania

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Production and Development History

Production, Women's Project, NYC
Production, Todd Mountain Theater Project, NY
Developed in the Playwrights' Workshop, Lark Play Development Center