Who Are the Playwrights

Lynn Rosen

Alumni Playwright

2014 — 2023

Lynn writes serious comedies that reveal her affection for working-class strivers, especially women. She was recently named "Visionary Playwright" by Theater Masters, who commissioned her for her newest play The Ushers, three characters, all women. 

Recent plays: The Overview Effect, a play about the race to space and the costs of scientific and spiritual risk-taking (EST/Sloan Commission); The Imperialists, a farce about a Brooklyn tea shop, British royalty/colonialism, and gentrification (Theatreworks New Works Festival, Silicon Valley); Washed Up On The Potomac, an ode to proofreaders (San Francisco Playhouse; The Pool, NYC); Legerdemain, a three-hander about connection, faith, and chain restaurants (New Georges Audrey Residency); The Firebirds Take The Field, inspired by the story of the ticking girls of LeRoy, NY (EST/Sloan Commission; Rivendell Theatre, Chicago); Bernhard: A Refugee's Journey (UCSB Launch Pad commission/production). Also: Women’s Project (Apple Cove), New Georges (Goldor $ Mythyka: A Hero is Born), Working Theater (Back From The Front); Playing On Air (I Love You with Bill Irwin and Steve Boyer), Studio Theatre D.C./Willow Cabin (Nighthawks); Theatreworks (Man and Beast), ATL, EST, Baltimore Centerstage, Barrington Stage, Fault Line, New Group, Geva, New Harmony Project, SPACE, The Lark.

Current commissions: FLO!, a new musical about Florynce Kennedy, with assists from Betty Friedan, Helen Gurley Brown, and Valerie Solanas, Theatreworks Silicon Valley. FLO! received a 2023 NAMT grant and 2023 and 2024 Johnny Mercer Writers Grove Residencies. Lynn is co-writing the book with Pia Wilson, music/lyrics by Rona Siddiqui. 

Lynn has sold two TV pilot to major networks with more in the pipeline, one with Carrie Preston and Michael Emerson. She's co-creator/co-writer of award-winning webseries Darwin, directed by Carrie Preston, and she wrote and created upcoming comedic webseries, Gasbag https://gasbagtheseries.com/. Lynn is co-founder of The Pool, a playwright-driven, pop-up theatre company now in its third incarnation. https://www.thepoolplays.org

Lynn grew up in Gary, Indiana, has a B.A. in Theater Arts from Brandeis University, and resides in NYC.