Who Are the Playwrights

Lynn Rosen

Resident Playwright

2014 — 2023

Lynn writes serious comedies that reveal her affection for working-class strivers, especially women. Recent plays include: The Overview Effect, a play about the race to space and the costs of scientific and emotional risk taking (EST/Sloan Commission); The Imperialists, a farce about a Brooklyn tea shop, British royalty, and gentrification (Theatreworks New Works Festival, Silicon Valley, 2019); Washed Up On The Potomac, an ode to proofreaders (San Francisco Playhouse; The Pool, NYC); Legerdemain, a three-hander about connection, faith, and chain restaurants (New Georges Audrey Residency 2018); The Firebirds Take The Field, inspired by the story of the ticking girls of LeRoy, NY (EST/Sloan Commission; Rivendell Theatre, Chicago); Bernhard: A Refugee's Journey (UCSB Launch Pad commission/production. Also: Women’s Project (Apple Cove), New Georges (Goldor $ Mythyka: A Hero is Born), Working Theater (Back From The Front); Playing On Air (I Love You), Studio Theatre D.C./Willow Cabin (Nighthawks); Theatreworks (Man and Beast), ATL, EST, Baltimore Centerstage, Barrington Stage, Fault Line, New Group, Geva, New Harmony Project, SPACE, The Lark.

Lynn's newest venture with New Dramatists is Toil and Trouble: A New Dramatists Initiative (aka TNT). Seven New Dramatists' playwrights will adapt a "play for now" into a "play for the ear", which will be produced by Broadway Podcast Network. Lynn will be adapting her play Bernhard.

Current commissions: A musical about Helen Gurley Brown, Florynce Kennedy, and Betty Friedan, Theatreworks Silicon Valley, Lynn is co-writing the book with Pia Wilson, music by Paula Cole; and The Claudias, Red Bull Theater's inaugural new play commission.

Lynn recently sold a TV pilot to a major network with more in the pipeline. Lynn is also co-creator of the award-winning web series Darwin, directed by Carrie Preston, and the upcoming web series, George Nordstrom: Overtalker. Lynn is also a proud co-founder of The Pool, a playwright-driven, pop-up theatre company.

Lynn grew up in Gary, Indiana, has a B.A. in Theater Arts from Brandeis University, and resides in NYC.