Kirk Wood Bromley

The Burnt Woman of Harvard

  • Full Length
  • Dark Comedy
  • Drama
  • Experimental
  • Play with music
  • Tragedy
  • Unconventional
  • Verse

“The Burnt Woman of Harvard, aka Transcendental Pornography” tells the story of several new Harvard undergrads – Mark, Alex, and Clara – who get mixed up in the life of John Brown, a party-mogul who owns the “Beauty Shop” off-campus, a place for all-night raves, philosophical role-playing adventures, and sexual exploration. When the perverted Dean of Danger shows up and a deranged burn victim named Megan starts stalking Mark who later discovers that she was scarred some years ago in an act of auto-erotic immolation with John Brown, things get even wilder, and John ends up reuniting with Megan in a fiery inferno of suicidal ecstasy as they attempt to overcome the Keatsian struggle between the truth of beauty and the beauty in truth.

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