Kirk Wood Bromley

Midnight Brainwash Revival

  • Full Length
  • Comedy
  • Dark Comedy
  • Experimental
  • Farce
  • Play with music
  • Verse

Midnight Brainwash Revival takes place in Moab, Utah, where a crazy mixture of pre-millennial events are cooking up: the only good man in town is lost on a climb in the Himalayas; his kids are fighting over ranch inheritance; an evil developer, Mordecon, threatens to turn the city into a toxic waste dump; messiahs are popping up left and right; desperate tourists are joining cults in hopes of seeing the savior; and paranoid truckers are hatching plots to ignite the natural uranium in the desert in order to stop the Silicon Sexuality Matrix. Add to this a healthy mix of eco-terrorism, computer glitches, cross-dressing romance, and the legendary antics of that desert trickster, Coyote, and you have a wild depiction of life during ‘The End-Times.’

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