Chisa Hutchinson


  • Full Length
  • Drama

Sisters Alondra and Anise have had enough. People in their town are disappearing; young women are being brutalized and the perpetrators are rewarded with political power. So they decide they're going to do something about it--something dangerous and rebellious and probably very stupid, but something nonetheless. When their plan goes awry, and Alondra disappears, Anise is left to drift in a veritable ocean of guilt and indecision.

Until, that is, she meets Dusty, a suggestible nice guy whom she prods into doing increasingly violent things on her behalf. Bolstered by her newfound powers of manipulation but haunted by the ghost of her sister, Anise must decide: should she push Dusty to commit the ultimate subversive act, or should she prove her autonomy by following through by herself?