Aya Ogawa


  • Full Length
  • Drama

A young Japanese woman comes to New York City, a complete stranger, and embarks on a mysterious journey through her memory and the anonymous city. Swept up in the rhythms of the foreign city she discovers that she can go through life without ever uttering a word.

Expatriated students in an international Christian girl’s school in China have formed their own insular hierarchy within the school walls — but the arrival of a new teacher and a transfer student threatens its delicate balance.

In the world of entertainment production cultures collide and language collapses. Compromises of artistic and personal integrity punctuate the struggle for voice and power in the creation of “art.” Cultures clash in a theater producer’s office and the translator bears the brunt.

Through three disparate, interweaving stories of disjoint and disconnection oph3lia examines the archetype and themes emerging from the character of Ophelia in Shakespeare’s Hamlet in a contemporary and international context.