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Cast Requirements

(Cast Size: 6)

ROSALYN GLOVER-STOVALL: 46, f, black. Failed mayoral candidate. Eldest child in a powerful political family.

TERRY STOVALL: 48, m, black. Owner of a struggling real estate agency. Rosalyn's husband.

HARRIET GLOVER-STOVALL: 17, f, black. A french horn player. Recently withdrawal from the Interlochen School of the Arts for doing cocaine. Rosalyn and Terry's daughter.

GRANT GLOVER: 32, m, black. Formerly a volunteer for Barack Obama's 2008 Presidential campaign. Now, an attorney with Lawyers for the Arts, a NFP in New York. Rosalyn's baby brother.

VERONICA MERCER: 29, f, white. An artist and feminist who moonlights as a dominatrix. Grant's girlfriend.

MAXINE GLOVER: 40, F, black. An autistic artist obsessed with religion. Rosalyn and Grant's middle sibling.

WALLACE GLOVER: 66, m. Patriarch of the Glover household. Play by the actor portraying Terry.

Set Description

The Glover home in Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood.