Down Past Passyunk

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Grillo’s Steaks — one of South Philly’s famous landmarks — is at a crossroads. Longtime owner Nicky Grillo is embroiled in a public relations nightmare ever since he asked one of his customers to “speak English” when ordering a cheesesteak. As he watches his community rapidly diversify, Nicky pits himself against his spirited daughter, his oldest friend and a popular new Latino-owned steak shop across the street. In the City of Brotherly Love, how far will one man go to keep his neighborhood All-American? - See more at:

Poster from the World Premier at InterAct Theatre Company
Poster from the World Premier at InterAct Theatre Company
Cast Requirements

Cast Size: 7
(In Line Order)

Nicky Grillo 53, m. Italian American. Owner of Grillo's Steaks.

Stanley Drago 27, m. Italian American. A beat cop from South Philly with an Ivy League education.

Sophia Grillo 25, f. Italian American. Nicky's daughter and Stanley's ex.

Vince Turati 58, m, Italian American. Nicky's longtime friend and landlord.

Ignacio (Iggy) Early-40s, m, Mexican American. The owner
Guerrero of Guerrero's PhilaMex. A savvy businessman with a slight southern accent.

Tambrey Walker Mid-30s, f. A TV news reporter. Ambitious.

Cameraperson F. Tambrey's camera operator.

Emma Late-20s, f. A spritely shop owner. Played by the actor portraying Cameraperson.

Set Description

Grillo's Steaks in South Philly.
2008, then 2016.


Barrymore Award Nominations: Best New Play, Best Overall Production, Best Direction, Best Lead Actor, Best Lead Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Outstanding Set Design, Outstanding Sound Design,

Production and Development History

World Premier at InterAct Theatre Company (Seth Rozin, Artistic Director; Anneliese Van Arsdale, Managing Director,) April 4 – 27, 2014. It was directed by Matt Pfeiffer; scenic design by Ian Guzzone; sound design by Christopher Colucci; lighting by Drew Billiau; costumes by Alison Roberts; props by Amanda Hatch. The stage manager was Tom Helmer. The cast featured Brian Cowden (Stanley Drago,) Alex Keiper (Sophia Grillo,) Kittson O’Neill (Tambrey Walker,) Bobby Plasencia (Ignacio Guerrero,) William Rahill (Vincent Turati,) Alice Yorke (Emma/Cameraperson,) and William Zielinski (Nicky Grillo.)