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Kia Clark has dreamt of Marisol Feliciano (literally and figuratively) since the start of the school year, but always assumed that she, like everyone else in their neighborhood, was staunchly heterosexual. While supporting Marisol through a health crisis, however, Kia discovers that Marisol “like girls” after all, and the two share a forbidden kiss that is to be the start of a fulfilling--if challenging-- romantic relationship.

While they manage to keep their involvement a secret from their families, they supply their gay-bashing classmates with plenty of ammunition for social torment. The harassment escalates until finally Marisol’s house is vandalized, ultimately causing her mother to disown her, and the unthinkable happens to Kia.

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Scene 1

SETTING: Initially we are inside the head of KIA CLARK for a dream she is having while she sleeps in her room, where we will be once she wakes. The bedroom is nice enough, but is clearly in a working-class home. It is a little messy and not too elaborately decorated.

AT RISE: Spot on MARISOL FELICIANO wearing a cheerleading outfit and performing a provocative dance to a popular booty-shaker of a hip-hop song. Every once in a while, perhaps during the refrains, she removes a scandalous pair of panties (thong?)from underneath her skirt. It should be a deliberate tease, so that the audience thinks that each pair might just be the last. The last time she reaches under her skirt, she produces a gun and aims it at the audience. The music stops.

MARISOL: I seent the way you be lookin’ at me in Algebra.

(Spot down. The abrupt sound of an
alarm clock going off as KIA CLARK
awakes startled in her bed. She
shuts off the alarm and begins to
gag. She reaches into her mouth and
pulls out a scandalous pair of


Cast Requirements

6 Black and Latino Women (4 teen-looking, 2 - 40's, 1 who looks like Adrienne Rich)
1 Man (any ethnicity, 30's-40's)
2 Black Men (teen-looking)

Set Description

Newark, NJ; 2003


Lilly Award



Production and Development History

Lark Playwrights' Week (2007)
Working Man's Clothes (2009)
Readings out the wazoo.