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Sisters Alondra and Anise have had enough. People in their town are disappearing; young women are being brutalized and the perpetrators are rewarded with political power. So they decide they're going to do something about it--something dangerous and rebellious and probably very stupid, but something nonetheless. When their plan goes awry, and Alondra disappears, Anise is left to drift in a veritable ocean of guilt and indecision.

Until, that is, she meets Dusty, a suggestible nice guy whom she prods into doing increasingly violent things on her behalf. Bolstered by her newfound powers of manipulation but haunted by the ghost of her sister, Anise must decide: should she push Dusty to commit the ultimate subversive act, or should she prove her autonomy by following through by herself?

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I fuckin’ love Google. I really do. You can find the most remarkable shit usin’ that shit. Like check this out: you type in “blow job”—not that there’s anything particularly remarkable about a blow-job, mind you—but you type in “blow job” and up pops all this information, everything you ever wanted to know about blow jobs. And a lot of stuff you didn’t wanna know. It just gives it to you, all generous and shit. Without judgment. Without giving you the stank-eye for askin’ in the first fuckin’ place. That…that is remarkable. I Googled the lyrics to “Louie, Louie”. I always felt like the biggest fuckin’ idiot for not knowin’ the lyrics to that song, everybody knows that fuckin’ song. I found the perfect cherry pie recipe. I know because I actually tried it out. It’s real simple. Like most perfect things is. I don’t know if it’s the absolute best out there like the website claimed, but it’s like the food of the gods compared to the cherry pie at the diner. (beat) Now that I think about it, that’s the only other cherry pie I ever had. (beat) Anyway. I printed it out and taped it to the pie display so that Erma’ll find it first thing in the morning. Maybe take a fuckin’ hint. (beat) Yeah. All kinda shit you can find on the internet. Top ten tourist attractions—the pyramids, Big Ben, the Acropolis… lotta old shit. Did you know that Athens got a graffiti problem, too? Fuckin’ Athens. All them beautiful old buildings and people are just like, “Fuck it, I’ma tag the shit outta that.” They don’t give a fuck. And most of it’s just stupid shit…“Joey loves Lisa”…whateva. But some of it… some of it’s kinda deep. Some of it you can tell got real history behind it. Let’s see, what else? Facts about the Middle East—which I never understood, that whole Middle East thing—names of flowers, weather reports for cities all over the world, shit that happened on your birthday in the years before you was born… deadly, alternative uses for common household products… I looked up baby names. Don’t worry, I ain’t pregnant. I was just… curious. I looked up our names. You know what your name mean? Protectress of All Mankind. I was like whoa when I saw that. I mean how accurate is that shit? Protectress of All Mankind. You wanna know what my name mean?... It’s a plant that taste kinda like licorice. Ain’t that the most inconsequential shit you ever heard?... I tried to Google my whole name like in the quotation marks and stuff…nothin’. Nada. “No results.” And then it tried to redirect me to just “Anise.” Like it was tryna tell me, “Just be happy witcha licorice and ya cherry pie and shit, okay?” It was tellin’me to keep it small… Keep it small. Stay insignificant…(beat) Anise. What the fuck is that in the grand scheme of things? Just another fuckin’ flower, right? Just a piece of nature’s fuckin’ candy. I was like, “Damn, Google, you lettin’ me down. Don’t fuckin’ judge me like that, not you, too…”

Cast Requirements

3 Women (any ethnicity)
4 Men (any ethnicity)

Set Description

A free-standing wall in an urban area.

Production and Development History

Developed at the Lark; premiered at the Wild Project (2013)