Boni B. Alvarez


  • Full Length
  • Drama

It’s been three years since MARABELLA PURO’s banishment. JASON ELLIS stowed her away in an apartment in Pacoima – just far enough from the Ellis home in Westwood Hills to be out of sight, but close enough for an impromptu visit. As the Ellis family nanny, she couldn’t very well stay in the home – not with her belly growing bigger with Jason’s child.

Marabella has weathered the isolation – just her and baby Brady. When Jason's wife, Daphne, suddenly dies, Marabella is filled with hope. Until she learns that Jason has been taking up with the young live-in tutor DOLLY. Marabella pledges to take her rightful place alongside Jason.

In her attempt to pin down Jason’s heart, Marabella is counseled by a CHORUS of diverse nannies. Inspired by Euripides’ Medea, MARABELLA is a study in how much a woman is willing to plot, maneuver, and sacrifice in order to secure the adoration of a man.