Brahman/i, a one-hijra stand-up comedy show

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This hilarious stand-up comedy routine/play takes on history, mythology, gender roles, and high school through the inimitable comic lens of Brahman/i, a boy/girl tethered by neither gender nor culture, and wildly curious and inventive in his/her examination of both.


"Full of sharp observations, heartbreaking truths, hilariously-told anecdotes, and entertaining takes on the history of the colonisation of India, Brahman/i deserves your time. " -Liz Byron, Aisle Say

"An extended standup routine about a character's uneasy journey between being a boy and being a girl could be a tough sell, but Kapil's script is as fluid as the main character" -Ed Huyck, City Pages

"Defiantly embracing both sides of her/himself as Brahman/i grows into adulthood, the stand-up act becomes a hilarious manifesto. Then suddenly blossoming out of this anger is an unexpected love story." -Matthew A. Everett