Writers Services


New Dramatists seeks to connect writers with one another and the field, so that they may better navigate the difficult journey of a career in the theater. Our dedicated artistic programs staff provides visibility for our writers and their work through several channels. We offer career consultation, administer grants and awards, and perform direct outreach on behalf of our writers.






Playwrights' Network

At New Dramatists, we believe that a playwright’s greatest resource is other playwrights. We actively work to link writers through community events and online communication. Each writer populates their own profile on our website with a personalized secure login. Playwrights join a listserv and receive a monthly online newsletter, In the Works, which keeps the community aware of productions and news from staff and other residents.

All Writers Meetings

Twice a year, the playwright company of New Dramatists comes together at the building for a half-day meeting. The format and content of these meetings are designed by the writers executive committee, a volunteer group of writers that actively participates in artistic and managerial decisions that guide the organization. Meetings might focus on issues of craft or career, resource sharing, getting to know the other writers and their work, and/or discussing major programmatic and institutional initiatives. This is one of our primary mechanisms for actively facilitating community within the resident company of playwrights.

New Playwright Welcome

We celebrate each writer's admission into residency here at New Dramatists with the New Playwright Welcome. This rite of passage is an evening of excerpts from each of their plays and a tribute to each new writer (usually given by a fellow New Dramatists playwright).

After Seven Festival

In recent year, the After Seven Festival is a full day affair, featuring excerpts of work that outgoing playwrights would like to share from the beginning, middle, and end of their residencies. We mark the playwrights passages into alumni status with public tributes, readings, and receptions. This celebration is attended by a supportive community of fellow New Dramatists writers, collaborating artists, and the public.


Grants, Awards & Exchanges

Through the generosity of several legacy gifts and partnerships with donors and theatre organizations outside of New York City, New Dramatists is able to offer a variety of grants, awards and exchanges to our resident company of playwrights. These initiatives allow a playwright to spend time honing their craft through a gift of money, time or both.

The Lippmann Family “New Frontier” Award

Created as a memorial to the late John Lippmann, a much-loved and respected New Dramatists board member, The Lippmann Family “New Frontier” Award seeks to assist playwrights in opening up new frontiers of the imagination, through travel and adventure. The award was renamed as a way to reflect generations of support and service to New Dramatists from the entire Lippmann family; including John’s mother Zilla Lippmann, sister Jill Allgauer, daughter Sarah K. Lippmann and nephew Jorg Allgauer, President of The John Golden Fund. The $5,000 cash award is presented each year to a member playwright selected by the board of the John Golden Fund.