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a work-in-progress musical

book and lyrics by Sung Rno
music and lyrics by Aaron Jones
directed by Victor Maog

Galois is a rock-mathematical-musical expression of the chaotic, brilliant, and all too brief life of Evariste Galois, who discovered a branch of mathematics as a precocious teenager, yet died in 1830’s revolutionary Paris at twenty-one in a duel over a woman’s love.

This reading is closed to the public.

directed by Paul Meshejian

Does author Jean Rhys make a deal with the devil to write her masterpiece, The Wide Sargasso Sea? Or is the devil in the details of her past?

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directed by Jose Zayas

Love. Guilt. Globalization. A diplomat is murdered abroad. His friends back home are left behind. A story of what we do to and for each other in the name of progress.

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A Cajun Witch’s Voodoo distorts the reality of Simon and Laura. She is trying to claim her portion of household wealth from her cheating husband, and he’s trying to reclaim his soul.

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Deceit, madness and murder rip the social fabric of a New England village. Calamity Town is based on Ellery Queen's 1942 mystery novel.

Directed by Dan Winerman

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Alumni Reading

Mac Wellman’s adaptation of a story from his book, A Chronicle of the Madness of Small Worlds.

Directed by Elena Araoz

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No party; no state indicated. A congressman dies suddenly, two weeks before election day. Like Mary Bono, Amber is drafted to replace her husband. She thinks he was murdered but the FBI does nada. In DC, Amber is shocked at how Congress acts like royalty, and is pursued by an ex-Marine lobbyist. The play includes an idea for a new independent party by the Senator who's her mentor.

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Alumni Reading

Directed by Jill De Armon

Against the backdrop of 1970 New York's decadent and decaying Upper West Side, can a recent college graduate and a transvestite hooker find true love?

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Alumni Reading

A new work in progress by New Dramatists alum Barry Jay Kaplan, directed by David Greenspan.

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Alumni Reading

A pair of estranged identical twin brothers in their early 50s, come together around the need for a kidney transplant. In Part I one twin needs the kidney; in Part II, in a parallel universe, the other twin needs it.

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Alumni Reading

TRIM is a Tiger Woods What-If-He-Never-Came-Back Play, becoming Hamlettian in his indecision. All try to convince him to play/love again. Jack Nicklaus, Oprah, Marilyn Chambers (remember her?), Elin, Ghost Earl Woods, et alia. Come!

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Quincy Long

Alumni Reading

This working session of the early draft of a new play will combine some reading and reworking of scenes. You are welcome to attend, but come knowing that this is more work through than reading of a polished piece of work. If you choose not to attend, but remain interested in this play, by all means, let us know and we’ll keep you posted about future readings.

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