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Peace among Muslims, Christians, and Jews? It happened once, in Spain, for several hundred years, why couldn’t it happen again? While NYU students Ibrahim and Paloma study an ancient Muslim treatise on the art and practice of love, they debate the complexities of romantic relationships while falling into one. When tragedy strikes this Muslim-Christian, interfaith romance, it tests the limits of love in a post-9/11 world and Ibrahim must seek the help of his friend Jared, a young Jewish attorney, to clear his name.

Composed and Performed by Kamala Sankaram
Written by Susan Yankowitz
Directed by Michael Rau
Dramaturgy by Kira Simring
Piano Accompaniment by Mila Henry

The Thumbprint of Mukhtar Mai is a 40-minute monodrama inspired by the experiences of Mukhtar Mai, a young peasant woman who astonished even herself by becoming the first woman in Pakistan to bring her rapists to justice.

Open Alumni Reading--please call (212) 757-6960 for reservations.

Anne Washburn

This alumni reading is closed to the public.

directed by Page Burkholder

When Jimmy Meadows loses his job after 10 years of loyal service, his once solid life spirals into ridiculousness. Job interviews lead only to degradation. Aloof from his wife, he starts a relationship with an admiring, beautiful, but deeply disturbed young woman. His lonely wife, a nurse, enters into a bizarre relationship with a 90 year old patient under her care. Into this turmoil comes the enigmatic Mr. Poulos, who rents a room in the Meadow's apartment. Is he a seer? A spy? Or is he just an old guy who reads Greek language newspapers all day?

directed by Illana Stein

An Oxford historian, from the Cornish working class, finds the Casebooks of an Elizabethan astrologer. Swept back in time to Shakespeare's inner circle, he uncovers the identity of the Dark Lady of the Sonnets. Convinced his discovery will earn him the Royal Order of Merit, he soon realizes he's instead become an object of ridicule by the Ox-bridge elite.

Open Alumni Reading-Please call (212) 757-6960 for reservations.

Jason Grote

directed by Katie Brook

A biographical play about the great Soviet composer Dmitri Shostakovich, covering the composition of his opera Lady MacBeth of Mtensk, his 7th (Leningrad) Symphony, and his 15th (and final) Symphony.

This is a commission from ACT in Seattle and was written over the course of six years.

Open Alumni Reading--please call (212) 757-6960 for reservations.

directed by Sarna Lapine

When an elevator crashes in a major city, nine lives intersect in surprising ways -- through love and sex, poetry and dentistry, in offices, homes, and hotel rooms. By turns comic and profound, Hope and Gravity traces the barely perceivable threads that connect us all.

Open Alumni Reading--please call (212) 757-6960 for reservations.

directed by John Steber

Members of a multicultural family (Black, White, Latino), who had a “falling out” after the invasion of Iraq, reconvene for Thanksgiving. History, disintegration, and secession are all on the table.

Open alumni reading—please call (212) 757-6960 for reservations.

directed by Tom Ferriter

Set in Manhattan in 1967, The Heir Apparent is a drama about identity illustrating Freud's Theory of the "divided self." A family of art dealers is driven by ambiguous desires to be other than what they are, longing for a difficult balance in relationships plagued by guilt, outrageous behavior, and deep-rooted resentment. Distrust, disapproval, and unreasonable demands are made upon each other.

Open alumni reading—please call (212) 757-6960 for reservations.

directed by Ian Belknap

The haunting melodies of a Paris street singer weave together the stories of passionate Olympe de Gouges living the turmoil of the French Revolution and innocent Celeste, the Executioner's only daughter, who can't stand the sight of blood.

Open alumni reading—please call (212) 757-6960 for reservations.

directed by Kate Whoriskey

On the porch of an almost-charming cabin in the Catskills, two New Yorkers reckon with the moment when Plan A fades away but Plan B has not emerged. In other words, they're turning forty. Where will they find a new truth?

Open Alumni Reading-please call (212) 757-6960 for reservations.

In a university black box theatre, the now desperate, embittered, and betrayed lighting designer, Professor Peter Paradise, berates a returning former student, now a TV star, for selling out; lacerates himself for his own failed relationships and career, and creates a multi-media extravaganza of image, sound, and his “Chekhov light”—that will help him transcend his pain and “the bottom-line shit down here.” ND alumnus Gagliano last gave a reading/performance of this one-man piece at the 2012 Chekhov Conference in Yalta--on the very grounds where Chekhov lived and died.

written and directed by Lonnie Carter

"Bronzeville," Milwaukee, 1937. St. Benedict the Moor Church and School is the only African-American boarding school in the country. Graduates include: Redd Foxx, Lionel Hampton, and Harold Washington. Night clubs abound -Lil Hardin Armstrong (Louis' second wife) on the keyboard. André De Shields, Nambi Evelyn Kelley, April Matthis, and Danyon Davis will read. Jazz and sacred music is everywhere.

Open alumni reading--please call (212) 757-6960 for reservations.

Hometown Honey
by Herbert Appleman
directed by Claudia Weill

Men in Waiting
by Donald Wollner
directed by Padraic Lillis

A father and son embark on an alcoholic odyssey towards mutual understanding beneath the huge shadow of the woman they both loved. A comedy.

Open Alumni Reading--Please call (212) 757-6960 for reservations.

Melissa’s Choice
by Steven Somkin
directed by Mel Cobb

Set in a remote national forest, Melissa’s Choice is a comedy/drama of how bizarre fantasies, triggered by an unintended pregnancy, upend Melissa’s precisely ordered world and force a choice between two men who have their own ideas of how the world should be ordered.

Open Alumni Reading--Please call (212) 757-6960 for reservations.

book and lyrics by Darrah Cloud
music by Kim D. Sherman
directed by Nick Demos

book and lyrics by Darrah Cloud
music by Kim D. Sherman
directed by Nick Demos


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