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The Bake-Off is a tool to help writers write a first draft quickly. Some folks have called it a method for getting out of your own way. Paula Vogel's Bake-Offs are famous for their design and ingredients... and, of course, for bringing forth many exceptional and beautiful plays.

AFTER SEVEN, the annual festival celebrating the playwrights finishing their seven-year residencies: Eugenie Chan, Sarah Hammond, Taylor Mac, Carlos Murillo, Julie Marie Myatt, J.T.

December 11, 2013

New Dramatists On the Road to Weston Vermont

From left to right: Peter Nachtrieb, Qui Nguyen, Barbara Hammond, John Walch, Clarence Coo; Front row: Emily Morse.

In November, the wonderful folks at the Weston Playhouse in Weston, VT hosted a writing retreat for six New Dramatists playwrights. New Dramatists supplied the transportation, food, of course the playwrights, and one staff member to coordinate it all for the week. Weston provided location location location; two beautiful old homes with multiple bedrooms, separate writing spaces, many bathrooms and working fire places right on Main Street in the quaint village of Weston, VT, that has not one, but TWO country stores!  Read More

John Walch

What God Hath Wrought
-A Transatlantic Farce-

by John Walch
directed by Shana Gold

New Dramatists presents the 12th annual PlayTime, a 2-week developmental lab for five plays-in-progress designed to give playwrights the time and space needed to explore, workshop, rethink, and revise ambitious new work in a collaborative company of directors, actors, other writers, and New Dramatists staff. PlayTime offers our writers one of the most extended, intensive developmental processes available within our year-round artistic programming.

November 22, 2013

2013 PlayTime Developmental Studio Playwrights Announced

Clockwise from top left: Barbara Hammond, Tarell Alvin McCraney, Susan Mosakowski, John Walch and Jenny Schwartz

New Dramatists, an artistic home and creative laboratory for talented, professional playwrights, is holding its eleventh annual PlayTime Developmental Studio December 2 through 14. This year’s playwrights are Barbara Hammond, Tarell Alvin McCraney, Susan Mosakowski, Jenny Schwartz and John Walch.  Read More

Guest: Loretta Goldberg; Hornor, Townsend & Kent, Inc.

Host: John Walch; resident playwright

Loretta Goldberg, New Dramatists healthcare advisor, will walk writers and artists through the basics of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and provide information on the standard plans available to artists seeking independent coverage. She will also be able to address questions from those afraid of losing coverage under the new legislation.

John Walch

Turn Out To Knead: a Play in 12 Slices
by John Walch
directed by Shana Gold

John Walch

New Dramatists is thrilled to bring you another one of our monthly, low-cost writing workshops with John Walch's The Feng-Shui of Rewriting. John led his amazing workshop for some of our resident playwrights a few months ago and we highly, highly recommend it to all of you. Please join us Saturday, April 21st from 12-3pm at New Dramatists for just $40!

John Walch

“Where you go, I will go…” Ruth 1:16

John Walch

The French call it “élan vital”, the Romans called it “vital spark,” smoothie makers in Berkley call it “raw energy”, hipsters in Williamsburg call it “Red Bull”, Chinese philosophers call it “Qi.” Whatever you call it, plays, especially early drafts, are hopefully filled with vitality or Qi. In rewriting, the goal is to build on those furious first sparks, to maximize the flow of Qi throughout your play, without snuffing out the impulses behind the initial creation. But how?

January 7, 2012

Alabama Shakespeare Production of John Walch's "In the Book Of..." Raises Immigration Issue

Playwright John Walch could not have predicted that by the premiere date of In the Book Of... the state of Alabama would have passed a strict immigration law that is widely considered the toughest of its kind, requiring, among other provisions, that po­lice jail people who cannot prove they are in the country legally.  Read More

December 1, 2011

Alabama Shakespeare Festival Premieres New John Walch Play

Immigration and its powerful political and personal impact on an Army veteran and an Afghan refugee take center stage in the Alabama Shakespeare Festival’s world premiere of John Walch’s incendiary In the Book Of… January 5-22.  Read More

October 8, 2011

John Walch's "The Dinosaur Within" Opens at Boston Court

“Dinosaur footprints were stolen in the outback [in Australia],” says John Walch, explaining the genesis of his The Dinosaur Within, opening tonight at the Boston Court.  Read More

October 7, 2011

John Walch to Get World Premiere at Alabama Shakespeare Festival

The world premiere of In the Book Of... by ASF's playwright in residence John Walch will run January 5-22. In this contemporary reimagining of the Biblical tale of Ruth, two women, an Army lieutenant, and her Afghan immigrant friend settle in Mississippi, where they become the targets of a rampaging local conservative talk radio personality. Family, friendship, and the American Way are tested in this often funny, touching, and unforgettable story.  Read More


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