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April 17, 2013

Opinion: Violence in familiar setting raises unsettling questions for all

During both 9/11 and the Marathon bombings I have been surrounded by children. In 2001, I was a nanny to four in Newton, and right now I’m a parent to two in Waltham. So after both of these tragedies — and after Newtown, Conn., too — my reaction to the violence has been to focus inward, to maintain calm, to keep up the routine of daily life.  Read More

June 25, 2012

Opinion: In Theater, a Need for an Audience That Cares

Someone asked me recently if I paid attention to the audiences who see my plays. “Yes,” I said, “I watch them very closely.” I hear every cough, see every lit phone screen. I, too, pay attention to the fact that many have gone gray, as the Globe’s Don Aucoin wrote last week. So it’s sheer delight if I see more than a few audience members who are youthful — that is, under 45 — and it’s next to ecstasy if I see some who are “of color.” When I sit there hoping an audience will respond to my words, any form of “other” is better than none at all.  Read More


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