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Clockwise from top left: Tanya Barfield, Laura Marks, Kenneth Prestininzi, Deborah Stein, Mia Chung, Lucy Thurber.

The Bake-Off is a tool to help writers write a first draft quickly. Some folks have called it a method for getting out of your own way. Paula Vogel's Bake-Offs are famous for their design and ingredients... and, of course, for bringing forth many exceptional and beautiful plays.

Kenneth Prestininzi

Katya Stanislavskaya, composer

Rose Williams conjures up her brother Tennessee, who she calls Tom, to visit her one last time after his death. Time travels back to the first visit he paid her in the asylum when they were both still in their twenties until Tom's last visit, the one Rose keeps for him after his death.

It is a love story between a brother and sister who want the best for each other as they fear the hurt and madness living in the other.

A full length musical for two actors with no intermission.

Peter Sinn Nachtrieb

THE TOTALITARIANS by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb
Directed by Kenneth Prestininzi

It's the "most important election of your lifetime" in Nebraska and one couple is caught in the middle. Is candidate Penelope Easter the best thing to happen to the state or is she part of a conspiracy to transform it into a Totalitarian regime? Depends what you choose to believe.

Kenneth Prestininzi

Directed by Rachel Chavkin

In this comic nightmare of a play, a good brother who stayed home decides to seek out the prodigal brother swallowed up by a secretive life in New York City. Determined to capture his brother and bring him back to Michigan, Mitchell finds dropped clues that lead to surprising acts of intimacy, rage and sexual conquest. A high-risk game of the hunter and the hunted ensues as decadents and innocents change places to survive.

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New Dramatists proudly celebrates the newest members of our resident playwright company by reading excerpts of their work. Please welcome the New Dramatists class of 2019:

Christina Anderson
Andy Bragen
Clarence Coo
Erin Courtney

June 20, 2012

New Dramatists Class of 2019 Announced

Clockwise from top left: Christina Anderson, Andy Bragen, Clarence Coo, Erin Courtney, Laura Marks, Kenneth Prestininzi

New Dramatists is proud to announce the addition of six playwrights to our resident playwright company, the class of 2019: Christina Anderson, Andy Bragen, Clarence Coo, Erin Courtney, Laura Marks and Kenneth Prestininzi.  Read More


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