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directed by Page Burkholder

When Jimmy Meadows loses his job after 10 years of loyal service, his once solid life spirals into ridiculousness. Job interviews lead only to degradation. Aloof from his wife, he starts a relationship with an admiring, beautiful, but deeply disturbed young woman. His lonely wife, a nurse, enters into a bizarre relationship with a 90 year old patient under her care. Into this turmoil comes the enigmatic Mr. Poulos, who rents a room in the Meadow's apartment. Is he a seer? A spy? Or is he just an old guy who reads Greek language newspapers all day?

Men in Waiting
by Donald Wollner
directed by Padraic Lillis

A father and son embark on an alcoholic odyssey towards mutual understanding beneath the huge shadow of the woman they both loved. A comedy.

Open Alumni Reading--Please call (212) 757-6960 for reservations.

When Jimmy Meadows loses his job of 10 years, his life descends into chaos and ridiculousness. Dejected, he falls into the arms of a beautiful but neurotic young woman. His neglected wife Lisa enters into a bizarre relationship with a 90-yearold man. Into their lives comes the enigmatic Mr. Poulos. Is he a spy? A spiritual guide? Or is he just an old Greek guy reading newspapers at their kitchen table?


An evening of short plays by Mary Gallagher, Donald Wollner and Martha Wollner.

Alumni Reading - Please Call 212-757-6960 For Reservations


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