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February 25, 2012

Director of Eugenie Chan's "Tontlawald" Reflects on Ancient Primal Music, Hidden Snakes, and Living Dolls

Eugenie Chan's ​Tontlawald is based on an Estonian tale from The Violet Fairy Book. Director Paige Rogers heard it from her son's first-grade teacher, and it captivated her. Rogers, who co-founded the Cutting Ball Theater in 1999 with her husband, Rob Melrose, was also inspired by Poland's Teatr ZAR, which uses dance and music in its theater productions and takes its name from funeral songs performed by the Svaneti tribe in the Caucasus, in Georgia. So she asked resident playwright Eugenie Chan to work on a script, got Annie Paladino to co-direct, and Laura Arrington to choreograph.  Read More


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