It is the day before Labor Day, 1990, four months before the Gulf War and the Robinsons are having a barbecue. Jason, the prodigal son, is AWOL from the Navy and heading home with presents from around the world and a freshly killed pig in a garbage bag. When Santos, the next door neighbor questions what is really in the bag, Jason forces his family to play a life and death game of charades.

Cast Requirements

5 women, 4 men

Set Description

The action takes place in the backyard of the Robinson's attached two-story home in Queens, New York -- one of the residential neighborhoods situated between LaGuardia and Kennedy airports. The porch juts out of the whitewashed side of the house. It is painted green and in need of a new paint job. Green metallic porch furniture sits up there. A slammable screen door leads to the kitchen where a fluorescent light burns.


Dramatists Play Service


" Tammy Ryan's taut drama PIG...the stage is set for an emotional explosion."
- The New York Times

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"A gut wrenching, teeth clenching drama."
-Curtain Up

Production and Development History

Pig was originally produced by Northern Kentucky University, Department of Theater for the 1991 Y.E.S. Festival of New Plays directed by Mike King.

It was subsequently produced by 29th Street Rep, Tim Corcoran and David Mogentale, Artistic Directors and Weissberger Theater Group, Jay Harris, Producer in New York City in September 1996