Molly's Hammer

In 1980, Molly Rush, a Pittsburgh housewife and mother of six, walked into a G.E. plant in King of Prussia, PA and took a hammer to the nosecone of a nuclear warhead in protest of the buildup of our nuclear arsenal. She and her fellow activists, The Plowshares 8, including Daniel and Philip Berrigan, went to trial to sound the alarm and the world was pulled back from the brink of nuclear annihilation for the time being. Molly’s Hammer is the fictionalized story of these events, inspired by the book Hammer of Justice by Liane Ellison Norman. Told with humor and love through the competing narratives of Molly and her working class husband Bill, Molly's Hammer shines a light on how the choice of ordinary people to take action is what is needed to save our world.

Nancy Bell as Molly Rush, Repertory Theater of St. Louis production
Joe Osheroff as Bill Rush, Repertory Theater of St. Louis production
Nancy Bell as Molly Rush; Kevin Orton as Daniel Berrigan, Repertory Theater of St. Louis production
Kevin Orton as Judge; Nancy Bell as Molly Rush, Repertory Theater of St. Louis production
Cast Requirements

1 woman, 2 men

Set Description

A bare stage, set pieces representing multiple locations: Pittsburgh, King of Prussia, the prison and courtroom of Montgomery County and the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Scenes should move fluidly and swiftly from beginning to end. Characters and furniture appear and disappear as needed.


Nominated for the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize
Nominated for ATCA Steinberg Award
Nominated for St. Louis Theater Critics Circle Award


Dramatic Publishing Company, Inc.


"...a transformative experience that shakes you to your core and makes you think about the world in a different way...Molly's Hammer is a great gift. You'd be a fool to miss it."
-Riverfront Times, St. Louis

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"The dialogue was crisp, authentic and compelling I didn't want the story to end. Molly's Hammer had me hooked."
-Playback,St. Louis

Production and Development History


Ignite Festival Repertory Theatre of St. Louis (2015)


Repertory Theatre of St. Louis (2016)