Baby's Blues

Susan is a career woman with a seemingly perfect life, complete with sensitive husband and a brand new bundle of joy on the way. Beginning at the moment a very pregnant Susan goes into labor, the play follows her journey as she becomes a new mother, with a frighteningly inexplicable newborn to care for. Employing both realistic and surrealistic elements, BABY’S BLUES explores one woman’s descent into postpartum depression, but also brings into focus the difficult challenge of becoming a mother for the first time, as well as the fine line that sometimes exists between health and madness.

National Center for the Performing Arts, production, Mumbai, India
Poster Pittsburgh Playhouse production
Paul Ford, Jr as David and Melanie Julian as Susan in Pittsburgh Playhouse Production
Cast Requirements

5 women, 2 men (doubling possible)


Broadway Play Publishing, Inc.


"BABY'S BLUES...takes an emotional dilemma and winds it tighter and tighter to a wrenching peak, leaving us vibrating with the final impact...BABY'S BLUES has undoubted immedicacy."

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"Tammy Ryan's fiercely emotional and darkly disquieting play takes a frank and sympathetic look at one mother's descent into serious psychosis brought on by the birth of her first child...It's a tensely orchestrated hundred minute journey unrelieved by intermission, yet there are moments of humor and irony."

Production and Development History


World premiere by The REP at the Pittsburgh Playhouse, Ronald Allan- Lindblom, Artistic Producing Director, directed by Sheila McKenna, October 2005


Antardhwani Productions,
National Center for Performing Arts
Mumbai, MH, India, directed by Ila Arun
Oct 6 - 20, 2018; May 4-5, 2019