Crumble (Lay Me Down, Justin Timberlake)

Janice asks for seven very strange objects for Christmas. Her perpetually anxious mother complies, suspecting Janice might blame her for the absurd circumstances in which her father disappeared. Janice reveals the dark nature of these objects to her mother on Christmas morning and a calamity ensues. Special appearances by Harrison Ford and Justin Timberlake, and a talking apartment.

Cast Requirements

1 man
2 women
1 female child, age 11


“This whimsically eloquent view of a widow, her daughter and their anthropomorphic apartment, all bereft and bonkers, is a potent example of postmodern narrative invention... Ionesco never blended absurdity, terror and sentiment more strikingly... [a] sweetly audacious parable... Callaghan’s breakthrough work.”
—Los Angeles Times (Critic’s Pick)

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“Soon-to-be classic... Whatever you do, don’t miss it... Amazing...”
—Entertainment Today

“[Callaghan] understands that theater is the ideal place in which to explore nonrealistic notions... original... intriguing... as off-kilter as the playwright’s imagination.”
—Chicago Sun Times (Recommended)

“This is an amazing script, one I want to get my hands on and read again and again. It’s touching, bittersweet, brutally honest at times, and freakishly surreal at others... This is not a fluffy show, nor is it depressing. It is thought provoking.”
—East Bay Voice

Production and Development History

Produced: Moving Arts Theatre, Los Angeles (2005); Dog and Pony Theatre, Chicago (2005): Impact Theatre, San Francisco (2005).

Workshopped: Clubbed Thumb, NYC (2003).

Workshop performance: Manhattan Theatre Source, NYC (2000).