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Two sisters go into the woods to find their missing father who has
gotten lost on a routine mushroom hunting expedition. Deep in the forest they encounter a mysterious boy -- who seems to bear a resemblance to the dad's estranged son, the sisters' younger brother. With limited visibility, a forest that keeps turning itself around, and the interfamilial politics of race and gender, pushed to extremes, will they ever be able to find the road -- or one another?


Kilroys 2015 List

Production and Development History

Ma-Yi Theater Company
World Premiere, dir. Shelley Butler
New York, NY (2019)

[the claque]’s Quick and Dirties Workshop, dir. Kareem Fahmy.
New York, NY (2015)

Labyrinth Theater‘s Annual Summer Intensive, dir. Shelley Butler.
New York, NY (2014)

Lark, Studio Retreat, dir. Shelley Butler.
New York, NY (2014)

Ma-Yi Labfest reading, dir. Kel Haney.
New York, NY (2013)