Lulu's Golden Shoes

A Raunchy Comic Book Tragedy, 120 Minutes with intermission
The terrifying and titillating sexual awakening story of one young Latina, the battle of good and evil that rages in her heart, and the trashy, resplendent women whose legacies she will change forever. Please note: this play has strong adult content and is not to be confused with the children’s musical Barrio Grrrl! (listed below).

Cast Requirements

4 women
2 men


Recipient: The Weston Prize.


“The play is full of magical moments… waves of color, light, musical language and numinous music, all perfectly in sync with the heart and soul of Hudes’ unique melodrama.”
–Willamette Week

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“An exuberant, richly imaginative theatricality that’s entrancing.”
–The Oregonian

Production and Development History

(Previously titled The Adventures of Barrio Grrrl! Installment 12: Lulu's Golden Shoes)

Workshops and Readings: SPF, South Coast Repertory, Brown New Plays Festival.

World Premiere: Miracle Theatre.