Men of Steel

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Three interwoven stories about people with superpowers including the downfall of America’s beloved Captain Justice, the adventures of Brooklyn’s Los Hermanos Manos, and the tragic tale of an indestructible man, that ultimately collide inside the walls of a maximum security prison. A superhero story for adults.

Jason Liebman in Men of Steel (Vampire Cowboys 2007)
Melissa Paladino and Jason Liebman in Men of Steel (Vampire Cowboys 2007)
Temar Underwood, Jeremy Sarver, and Tom Myers in Men of Steel (Vampire Cowboys 2007)
Noshir Dalal and Paco Tolson in Men of Steel (Vampire Cowboys 2007)
Tom Myers, Paco Tolson, Jason Liebman, Noshir Dalal, Jeremy Sarver in Men of Steel (Vampire Cowboys 2007)
Cast Requirements

7 men
2 women


Cited as 2007’s Best Adaptation of Comics into Other Media by


Broadway Play Publishing


“A culturally savvy comedy.”
The New York Times

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“A hip satire on superheroes and the existential burden of being all-powerful in a world of ordinary people.”

“Bold and breathtaking. A brilliant send-up of superhero tropes.”
–Chicago Tribune

“Nguyen’s script does something unexpected from the get-go. It straddles a line between parody and homage, and, in the end, actually succeeds in making you think."
–Chicago Sun-Times

Production and Development History

Productions: Vampire Cowboys (2007); Theater Wit, Chicago (2007).