The Making of a Great Moment

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Mona Barnes and Terry Dean are two award-winning actors from Victoria, Canada who are touring a show, Great Moments in Human Achievement, across the continent. By bicycle.


Featuring onstage bicycling, puppet masks, quick changes, made up historical facts, sleeping bags, theater jokes, special skills, philosophical arguments that use sphincter muscles as a metaphor for art and a blue sheet that looks like a river, The Making of a Great Moment is a tribute to the relentless pursuit of a creative and passionate life.

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Mona, I fear that one day, this play will destroy us.

Terry, I hope that one day, this play will remake us.


We shall see who is right, Mona Barnes.

Yes we will, Terry Dean.

For show time is almost upon us.

Yes. It is almost show time.

In New Hampshire.

Cast Requirements

1F 1M

Set Description

The road and places nearby it. Plus a "play within a play" that is taking place on a simple stage.