The Totalitarians

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We might be on the brink of revolution in Nebraska. Penny, a compulsive and compulsively-watchable candidate for state office enlists the help of Francine, a silver-tongued operative. Francine’s husband Jeffrey, a doctor, is lying to his dying patients – one of whom opens his eyes to Penny’s nefarious plans for the Cornhusker State. A raucous dark comedy about the state of modern political discourse, modern relationships and how easy it is to believe truths without facts.

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I want to address one of the biggest questions of the campaign so far. Who is Penelope Easter? Me. Who am I? What is she/I about? Is/Am she/I the one who will do what I/you want?

Some of you have no idea.

You might not have followed my success in the professional roller skating circuit, been affected by my charity work, or you might not have heard a hoot about all the fit safe and fertile things we've been doing in Hay Springs.

You might know what they want you to know about me. That sometimes I put my "foot in my mouth." Sometimes I "swear in public" when there are children and clergy present. And I have a husband who "likes special things."

I'm not going to bestow any dignity to my elitist attackers by addressing their vicious teapot gossip. But I do want to address you, the people of Nebraska, the voters with a choice who are probing their hearts to decide if I am the right candidate to dimple their chad for.

To answer your question I must ask my own:

Who are you?