Litter: The True Story of the Framingham Dodecutuplets

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Meet the Framingham Dodecatuplets, 12 siblings born simultaneously thanks to the wonders of modern science. Together they form a vaudevillian troupe, exploiting the novelty of their situation through song and dance.

Now fully grown, the Dodecatuplets find themselves abandoned by those who raised them, struggling to find gigs, and significantly less cute. Family tensions intensify and when a revelation rocks the very foundation of their beliefs, the Dodecatuplets are forced to reckon with their individual dreams and having to re-learn what a family is.

Read Sample

Hi! We're the Framingham Dodecutuplets and we are here to make your day a happy one!

(An perfectly performed song and dance.)

We're like the eggs you buy at the store
The Donuts in a box
The Hours on a clock
We're cheaper when you get us all at once.
We're dirty before we take a bath.
We're an insult game on the urban streets.

(a shout)
Yo Mama!

Dime a dozen
Dozen roses
We're a little more than ten.


To you were just a number, a strange a-no-ma-ly
But to us all put together, we're just a fam-il-y!
Fam-il-y! Fam-il-y
(they each point at each other sibling in a brilliant bit of choreography)
You and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and Me!

Cast Requirements

12 Actors, Gender Flexible

Set Description



"Forget the Octomom. [Litter] has her beat in the multiple-birth sweepstakes by half. . . . Fiercely funny." -San Francisco Chronicle

"Amusingly inane . . . a lively [and] playful showcase" -Marin Independent Journal


Production and Development History

Commission and Developed American Conservatory Theatre
World Premiere 2011 at A.C.T.