Playwright-to-Playwright: The After Seven Festival Video Series

June 25, 2013

The story of New Dramatists is both individual and collective. We support individual playwrights as they chart their course over their seven year residencies while also fostering community with and among their fellow playwrights.

In this video series celebrating the 2013 After Seven Festival, we randomly paired the eight out-going playwrights of New Dramatists and asked them each to, after spending 7-years in each others' company either directly or universally, consider something they needed to know from that person and then to pose the burning questions.

Carson Kreitzer

Questions by Adam Bock

Jason Grote

Question by Tanya Barfield

Adam Bock

Questions by Carson Kreitzer

Tanya Barfield

Questions by Jason Grote

Young Jean Lee

Questions by Sheila Callaghan

Kirsten Greenidge

Questions by Chiori Miyagawa

Chiori Miyagawa

Questions by Kirsten Greenidge

Sheila Callaghan

Questions by Young Jean Lee


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