ND News – June 2013

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June 25, 2013

Playwright-to-Playwright: The After Seven Festival Video Series

In this video series celebrating the 2013 After Seven Festival, we randomly paired the eight out-going playwrights of New Dramatists and asked them each to, after spending 7-years in each others' company either directly or universally, consider something they needed to know from that person and then to pose the burning questions.  Read More

June 11, 2013

Mobilizing in a Minefield of Mobilization

Last holiday season New Dramatists set out to mobilize a #NewPlayCrew. Are you a passionate supporter of new work? Raise your hand. Do you want to add your name to the rolls of a group that isn’t afraid to say it cares about generative artists and it’s willing to put it’s name on that imprimatur? Stand up and be counted. It won’t cost you a cent (unless you’re feeling spunky enough to throw five bucks at us). This ND-organized horde would then be supplied with insider info only available to the #NewPlayCrew.  Read More