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October 24, 2012

ND Alum Ellen Maddow Previews The Talking Band's "Obskene" at HERE

by Ellen Maddow, New Dramatists Class of 2010

I am working on a deliciously challenging new theatre work that is opening on November 1 at HERE Arts Center. Its called Obskene and It is a Talking Band production conceived and directed by my colleague and fellow founding member, Tina Shepard. Obskene, the Greek word for offstage, refers to the violent and horrendous acts of violence that took place offstage in the classic Greek theatre. It is related to the modern word obscene.  Read More

October 17, 2012

My America: The Subcontractor

by Andy Bragen, resident playwright

Centerstage in Baltimore commissioned 50 short monologues based upon the theme of “My America” from a wide variety of American playwrights, including a number of New Dramatists and New Dramatists alums. These monologues were then directed and filmed by the prominent Indie film director Hal Hartley. My monologue The Subcontractor is one of these fifty.  Read More

October 11, 2012

13P, The Innovative American Playwrights Collective, Implodes and Launches "A People's History of 13P"

In 2003, concerned that the trend of endless readings and development programs was limiting the texture and ambition of new American plays, 13 midcareer playwrights banded together to try a different model. Each playwright would serve as Artistic Director of the company—deciding the goals of the project, designing its process, and choosing collaborators—as it realized a full production of his/her play. They called this organization 13P and together, they realized full productions of 13 plays, one by each playwright. In July 2012 with their final production, Sara Ruhl’s (P#13) sold-out Melancholy Play, 13P completed its mission and imploded.   Read More

October 5, 2012

LCT3 Announces New Production by Kirsten Greenidge

LCT3, Lincoln Center Theater's programming initiative for new artists and new audiences, has announced two new productions for 2013. Resident playwright Kirsten Greenidge's Luck of the Irish will play January 28-March 10 at the Claire Tow Theater.  Read More