ND Residents Announce Low-Cost, One-Day Writing Workshops

November 16, 2011

Hello Writers!

We are writing to let you know about a new outreach program designed by the playwrights at New Dramatists! We are teaching one-day low-cost writing workshops each month at New Dramatists. These workshops, led by our resident playwrights, are offered to the general public for just $40.

Our first workshop is a TV PILOT WRITING WORKSHOP led by New Dramatists resident Francine Volpe. It takes place on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 19TH from 12pm to 3:45 at New Dramatists 424 West 44th Street (btwn 9th and 10th

During class Francine will:

Discuss basic principles of television writing
What makes for brilliant characters (and by extension a brilliant series)
Give a detailed analysis of the pilot episode of an existing show

After we break YOU will:

Pitch your show and get feedback!

You don't have to have an "idea" to take this workshop. Come and have fun.

If you would like to register for this class please RSVP to ndworkshops@yahoo.com. You will be sent a confirmation email regarding your registration.

Also, look for an email with details about award-winning solo performer DEB MARGOLIN'S DECEMBER 3RD Workshop. Her workshop is designed for anyone interested in writing a One-Person Show. Here's how Deb describes class: "A self-scripted solo work is the ultimate showcase for the writer's deepest desire for speech. Whether it's through direct address, the portrayal of many characters, the enactment of a narrative, or any combination of techniques, the solo show is the fastest route to the most personal way of making meaning and shaping its significance. Come to a three-hour workshop on the one-person play, where the focus will be on connecting with the deepest underlying impulse for speech, and the bending of it into a form that honors this impulse. Bring paper, pen, computer; come in any state: starstruck, hamstrung, premenstrual, postdoctoral, anything. You are most welcome!"

All the best,

The Resident Playwrights of New Dramatists


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