One-man Show, 'Emergency!' is Serious Work for Daniel Beatty

September 8, 2011

This content is sourced from the New York Daily News.

Imagine this: an 18th-century slave ship rises out of the present day Hudson River, directly in front of the Statue of Liberty.

It's a provocative image, promising intriguing stories behind it. Actor/playwright - and author of said image - Daniel Beaty doesn't disappoint, mining that tableau to create his multi-award-winning play "Emergency!" (formerly "Emergence-See!")

"What is our greatest symbol of freedom? The Statue of Liberty," Beaty said. "Slavery is our greatest symbol of bondage. A slave ship in front of the Statue of Liberty asks the question of what is freedom and who is truly free."

The play is also a tour de force for the Yale University and American Conservatory Theatre graduate, who plays an astounding 43 characters in the one-man show.

"Daniel is one of those special people who come into your life every so often," said Voza Rivers, who first saw Beaty perform the show in 2006 at Aaron Davis Hall.

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