Catch Jason Grote and Sibyl Kempson at Performance Space 122 This Season

August 2, 2012

Jason Grote and Sibyl Kempson
Jason Grote and Sibyl Kempson
This content is sourced from The New York Times.

As the East Village home of Performance Space 122 continues to undergo renovations, the theater is expected to announce on Tuesday that it will join with two organizations — the French Institute Alliance Française and the Chocolate Factory in Long Island City — to host its fall season.

The performer David Levine (Venice Saved: A Seminar) and the playwright Jason Grote (Civilization: All You Can Eat) will open the season in September with Habit, in which three actors perform a 90-minute drama on a continuous loop for eight hours a day. Part of the French Institute Alliance Française’s Crossing the Line festival, the piece is to be staged inside a house designed by Marsha Ginsberg and built inside an unused space in the Essex Street Market on the Lower East Side.

In October, Big Dance Theater (Comme Toujours Here I Stand) will install their latest multimedia piece, Ich, Kürbisgeist, in the basement of the Chocolate Factory. Written by Sibyl Kempson, directed by Paul Lazar and co-directed and choreographed by Annie-B Parson, the work is set, according to a news release, in “a harsh world facing destruction, populated by five crude characters speaking a rigorous, specific, and invented language.”

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