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Conflict photographer Mia wakes up in the Istanbul apartment of her on-again, off-again girlfriend after being found unconscious at the scene of a massacre she was photographing. Mia can’t even remember being there, but she wired photos of the site hours before she was found. The two women resume their volatile push-pull when Mia’s well-meaning Californian mother arrives from the US, trying to help unravel what happened to her daughter.

The Gift, Chicago: Ashley Agbay and Brittany Burch
The Gift, Chicago: Ashley Agbay, Alexandra Main and Brittany Burch
Production and Development History

First production: Gift Theater, Chicago. Directed by Maureen Payne-Hahner. Starring Ashley Agbay, Brittany Burch and Alexandra Main.

Commissioned by South Coast Rep as part of its Crossroads commissioning program.