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At an elite high school for high achievers, an Incident happens, an escalation of violence, something that never ever happens there. We see some of the lead-up to it, as well as some of the fallout, and we see different entry points and accountings of the same incident, making us wonder if one truth matters more, or if the truth underneath it all ​— that such a thing could happen here — is possibly more disturbing than the incident itself.

Written for Waterwell's PPAS, Spring 2017

Bad Girls Chorus
Thea and Sofia sorting it out

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SOFIA: People have always been not polite. That’s how it is. I mean, it’s not like Jane Austen out there. If you think it is, you’re gonna be disappointed every day of your life.

TOWNE: Aw shit. What do I do now? — I’m not a harassing person, you know? That’s not who I am. At least, that’s not who I was. I never was that person.

Cast Requirements

12 W, 3 M. 3 of the female roles can shift to male

Production and Development History

First presented at Waterwell's Professional Performing Arts School, NYC. Directed by James Dean Palmer.