Cowboy Versus Samurai

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Travis Park is a high school English teacher and the only Korean American man living in a dusty cowboy town known as Breakneck, Wyoming. When a gorgeous, whip-smart Asian American woman moves into town, he immediately falls for her; the only problem is that she only dates white men.

In this savagely funny re-telling of Edmond Rostand’s Cyrano De Bergerac, a man must choose allegiance between his cowboy friend (a dim, handsome, Caucasian P.E. teacher named Del) and his Asian Brother-with-a-Capital-B (crazed, militant Asian of Unknown Origin, Chester). He must choose between the Asian American and the American within himself—between Cowboy Versus Samurai—in a pursuit of a love that may only be as real as the love letters he writes for someone else.

Cast Requirements

3 men
1 woman

Production and Development History

Premiere: NAATCO (National Asian American Theatre Company) in NYC (2005); numerous productions across America and in Canada and Hong Kong.