This Sleeping Country

Julia Fricassi, self-diagnosed as the worst insomniac in the world, simply cannot sleep, and it’s becoming a problem. Her psychiatrist and best friend from childhood, Dr. Midge, is stumped, and her fiancé is starting to feel the effects as well. When Midge finally offers an explanation, Fatal Familial Insomnia, Julia tracks down the only family to have ever been afflicted by it to see if she could be related and thus have the disease. Her journey leads her to Venice where she gets to know her Italian potential family, each with more than a few oddities about them. As she spends time in Italy, she begins to get to the bottom of her sleeplessness through an investigation of her own deepest fears and repressed anxieties.

Cast Requirements

1 man
3 women


Winner: Mickey Kaplan New Play Prize (2008).

Production and Development History

Productions: Cincinnati Playhouse, Cincinnati (2008); Round House Theatre, Washington, D.C. (2009); 10th Street Theatre, Milwaukee (2011).