This was written way back as my grad school thesis, and was produced at the New School for Drama, where I performed in it. This play got me a meeting at the Public Theater with then-Literary Manager, Liz Frankel, which eventually led me to the Public Theater's Emerging Writers Group.

The play tells the story of Alma, a butch woman who feels ostracized by her family, and her mother who doesn't understand why her daughter is being so difficult.

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What did you say?

Look at me! THIS is who I am, not that. He, he got to me because of you. You're the one who took away my armor. You took away my Home!

You put yourself in danger, you choose this life. I can keep you safe--

You can't keep me safe! You can't! And you make it worse. You make me hate myself.

Cast Requirements

2W (both South Asian, one must be butch), 1M