EST/Sloan commission THE FIREBIRDS TAKE THE FIELD in First Light @ EST

October 19, 2014

RoughCut Studio Series

In our 6th floor studio workshop, three leading EST playwrights deliver their newest work, book-in-hand, on its feet for the first time.

The Firebirds Take the Field

By Lynn Rosen*

Directed by GT Upchurch

Tuesday November 18th @ 7pm & Wednesday November 19th @ 3pm

It's been 25 years since molecular neuroscientist Avery Kahn left Highland Falls, NY. But when 18 local girls, cheerleaders mostly, are stricken with a mysterious ailment, Avery reluctantly returns home to tackle what the locals derisively call the “girl disease.” As Avery becomes affected—and infected—by the girls, the case becomes more personal than she ever expected.

With: Rosie Benton, Molly Carden, Michael Cullen, Merissa Czyz, Mary Kate Harris, Suzanna Hay, Nina Hellman, Danielle Skraastad, and Chris Stack

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