A small town in Western Mass. A family, the Lawrences, struggles with poverty, boredom and lost potential. Into this isolated town comes Ellen, a highly educated, wealthy and well traveled young woman. She wants to give back to her country through education. She starts teaching in the public high school where Billy and Rachel Lawrence go. Ellen develops an obsession with Billy, his intelligence, insight and potential. Her obsession and desire to lift Billy out of poverty tears the family apart.

Kristen Johnston and Michael T. Weiss in <I>Scarcity</I>, Atlantic Theater Company. Photo by Doug Hamilton
Meredith Brandt, Kristen Johnston, Jesse Eisenberg and Michael T. Weiss in <I>Scarcity</I>, Atlantic Theater Company.
Cast Requirements

2 men (40’s)
3 women (2 late 30s/early 40s, 1 20s)
1 boy (16)
1 girl (14)

Set Description

Single Set

Production and Development History

Produced: Opened The Atlantic Theatre Company’s 2007/2008 main stage season, NYC.