Odile’s Ordeal

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Odile and her grifter lover, Paul, are attempting to scam the wealthy-yet-dying Jean Phillipe out of his estate. But when Odile begins to fall in love with Jean Phillipe, she tries to drop out of the plan and out of Paul's life. Leaving behind her old life turns out to be easier said than done. The body fights with the mind; words clash with actions; a chain of events results in Odile's untimely death. Enter a shaman, who revives Odile, by injecting her soul into the body of one of her lovers. But this quick little fix will not hold.

Odile's Ordeal is a Parisian screwball comedy, a delirious exploration of desire, and an occult-tinged soul-swapping fantasia, written to be performed entirely in lip-sync.

Cast Requirements

1 woman
3 men

Set Description


Production and Development History

Production: University of Miami (2012)
Workshop: 24Seven Lab (2006); Studio 42 (2010).