About a Woman Named Sarah

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A woman named Sarah goes to Arizona to interview for a job, a job working for a man named John. John's wife, Cindy, also interviews Sarah. And then things get heated. And Sarah wants this job so much that she does something that hurts the feelings of her husband, Todd. This is a play about a woman named Sarah. Yeah, you know which one I'm talking about.

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When I was a kid, there was this movie,
and all the other kids went and saw this movie,
and they all talked about this movie, everyday,
they talked about this movie, on the playground,
during class, after school.
And when I asked them what the movie was about,
they said it was a movie about a girl named Sarah.

And I said that's my name,
that's the name I'm named,
and I said I want to see this movie,
this movie about a girl named Sarah,
and everyday I asked my parents to take me to the movie about the girl named Sarah,
and finally that day came,
and I got all dressed up,
and I wore bows,
and I wore earrings,
and we went to the movie theatre to see the movie about Sarah,
and the lights went down,
and the movie started,
and the girl on screen was not me.
She didn't even look like me.
And I cried, I cried because they lied,
and I cried and I ran out of the theatre, because
this wasn't a movie about me,
this was a movie about someone else who happened to be named Sarah.

And my parents looked at me,
and they said, why are you crying?
And I said they lied, the kids, they lied,
this movie isn't about me at all.
And my parents explained, Sarah is a very common name.
Not everyone named Sarah is you.

And I felt so small.
And I felt like I was just like everyone else.
And I realized for the first time that there are so many people who aren't special,
most people, most people aren't special at all,
and I realized most people are just copies of each other, in a way,
and they don't know it, but they are just copies of each other.
And I didn't want to be that.
I didn't want to be a Sarah like all the other Sarahs.
I needed to be a special Sarah.



Is this why our kids have such weird names?

I think so.

Cast Requirements

2 woman, 2 men

Set Description

Bare stage.

Production and Development History

Production: Summer Shorts 2013, NYC, July 19 - August 30, 2013.