Riddled with self-doubt, NFL star Randall Mifflin has barricaded himself inside his den, where he plays video games around the clock, defends himself against a team of slick and shiny sportscasters eager to dissect his celebrity, and, at doctor’s orders, busies himself with a project: collecting black memorabilia. Life could return to normal if it weren’t for Randall’s new hobby. Soon, objects meant to be forgotten are roaming the streets and Randall is assaulted by thoughts he would prefer to ignore.

Cast Requirements

5 men
3 women

Production and Development History

Production: Magic Theatre.

Readings: Kitchen Dog Theater; National New Play Network; New Voices West; Cherry Lane; Playwrights Horizons; Hourglass New Works Series.

Developed: Magic Theatre; Sundance Retreat at Ucross; Hourglass Retreat at Choate-Rosemary Hall.