The Next Thing: Prestininzi

January 26, 2013

Ken Prestininzi's lecture-play Birth Breath Bride Elizabeth is in The Next Thing Festival in Boston. ArtsEmerson: The World On Stage, in association with The Center for the Theater Commons and The Public Theater's Under the Radar Festival, presents a combustible combination of theatre, film, music, workshops and live-streamed events. Completely housed in ArtsEmerson’s Paramount Center in downtown Boston, The Next Thing (TNT) Festival (FEB 15-24) creates an unprecedented opportunity to dive deep into the world of contemporary performance.

Mary Shelley-Breath, a “mad” academic, gives birth to a newly imagined post-feminist manifesto that re-mixes Frankenstein with Princess Diana, Elvis Presley, and a young bride's hope to have the cake of her dreams. This inventive solo piece is as much a crackpot lecture gone awry as it is a tour-de-force performance of one woman’s need to name and tame the hungry id roaming unchecked inside us all.

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