Listen for the Light

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A former slave with a tragic past questions his faith, a powerful man fights his inner and outer demons, and a precocious young woman locked in a room reluctantly awaits word from God. It’s 1844 and in the small town of Nauvoo, Illinois, Joseph Smith—Mormon prophet—rules all. Or so he believes.

Cast Requirements

1W, 2M

Set Description

Simple. Any set pieces should be easy to move. The look should be blank, but the kind of blank that invites imagination, like a canvas. Any pieces, including props, should be simple and preferably wooden. In the subtlest way, it should be clear that this is a world that lives somewhere between the first and second industrial revolutions.

A screen on the back wall will be used for projections of the larger/imagined world. Some of these are indicated in the script and others may be created at the discretion of the director and designers. My fantasy is that the images will appear as a kind of black and white/gray-scale animation similar to the style of cartoonist, Thomas Ott.

Production and Development History

World Premiere: Know Theatre of Cincinnati
Development: Seven Devils Playwrights Conference, Vineyard, Women's Project, South Coast Rep, Midtown Direct Rep